Creating national borders Pt1

For this lesson we had to re-create the flags for South Africa, Gambian and greek flag. We had to use illustrator for this task as its the most suitable application to create things like flags and logos as it uses vectors over pixels.

The first flag I recreated was the Gambian flag as it was the easiest of the three. I first used the rectangle tool to create a rectangle with roughly the same proportions I then copied and paste to create three more as doing them individually would make it very difficult to have them all the same size. I then selected one of the rectangle and used the eye dropper tool to get as close to the original colours as possible. I chose to use this tool instead of guessing as the tool samples from the original so you can use it further while guessing would be very inaccurate as the naked eye wouldn’t be able to perfectly discern the difference between every shade. I then done the same for the other 2 rectangles grouped them and the first flag was done



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