During our induction we worked o story ideas. we worked in a group completing the first activity which was to write one sentence each the second person working off what the first person wrote(of course my sentence was nearly a masterpiece). My group story ended up being about a boy who thinks he fell off a tree, but there is more to that incident than first thought.

For the second activity the groups changed a little but we had to create a setting based somewhat on the story my group had done previously. It could range from the world and society to the actual surrounding (trees, animals, colour etc). during this activity each person in the group had to create their own setting based of their interpretation of the story we had created.

Once we had done that we moved onto the third activity where we had to swap our work with the people from our group read it take and create our own character in their story or developing one that they had already created. We had to describe what he/she looks like, who they were and their personality etc.

From their we moved onto the last activity where we once again swapped that work with someone different again and created a scene where there was climax based on what was already written. these scene could be anything from a fight scene to a death to a silent confrontation it just had to be the climax of the short story.

We then had to go home and create our own ideas to then pitch the best one for either a live action movie, a pixar style animation or a video game mechanic/story.

To be continued in pt2…


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