Induction Pt2

  For our ideas for a pitch I chose to create ideas for a live action movie I used mind maps to help come up with 2 ideas.     My first story idea was for a fantasy movie set in a fantasy world where racism is a very prominent part of society and there is a very large […]

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Screen printing

Screen printing is essentially when you push ink through a mesh stencil to create a pattern onto a textile. The process of screen printing first you have to create your stencil a good programme would be illustrator which is vector based to create you design. then you want to print it onto a transparency. you want to […]

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The Mask in the city

  In this lesson we learnt about a mask the use of a mask and how to use it for non destructive editing. A layer mask is used to control a layer’s transparency. It is good if you wish to reveal or hide portions of a layer using a mask allowing you to effectively remove or erase something […]

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Wonders of printing

offset printing (aka offset lithography) Offset printing is a method of mass production printing which consists of an inked image on metal plates being transferred or ‘offset’ onto rubber blankets or rollers then onto paper (print media). Offset printing is not anything like the direct printing Direct printing takes the image or text directly from the […]

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