Induction Pt2


For our ideas for a pitch I chose to create ideas for a live action movie I used mind maps to help come up with 2 ideas.


I tried to jot down an idea i had quickly



My first story idea was for a fantasy movie set in a fantasy world where racism is a very prominent part of society and there is a very large divide between two races. This is strengthened due to the fact that one race can use magic while the other cannot. There world is made up of two super continents and everyone resides within it.

The plot would begin with a boy waking up with no memories (boy 1) and meeting this black boy with white hair and red eyes(boy 2) there would be a time skip and both boys one 23 and the other 24(assumed) now deciding to look for the memories of boy 1. To realise that there is more than what they bargained for and vow to kill find out the truth as it could be the reason the lived the way they did(their past is a mystery). They meet a girl who is part of an organisation and they are thrown into a new world where they have to kill their way to truth AGAIN!

My second story idea is set in the not so far future in a society very similar to our current society but where some people have developed abilities and the concept of heroes is an accepted one and heroes are accepted for what they do. People with power201610191916211000s are normal and is not rare but it is not something common that most people have and 1 in 1000000 people have it meaning only around 8000 in the whole world carry abilities.

The plot is about a black boy born in poverty who had to sell drugs to get by in life to help his sick mother and younger brother. Who awakens abilities in life but instead of deciding to clean the streets and become a hero he decides to attack what he thinks is the roots of the problem i.e. society t201610191919201000he government the system everything he believes is root to todays problems, but before he can do this he decides to attack the people he believe are the worst kind which are the heroes who claim they want to help but do nothing but support society. The story follows his journey as a anti hero/villain who claims they are trying to save the world truly save it and bring peace even if it means destroying this hero society and everything he believes is wrong.


I chose to go with the plot about the boy who gets power and decides to force the world to change for the better if they wont by their own free will. I had to then develop the idea into a movie pitch explaining the setting, characters, plot beginning middle end. I also decided to chose a mock cast and director for the movie.

to be continued in “the pitch”



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