Blurs and Blemishes

    After learning content aware fill we learnt how to use the spot healing tool. The spot healing brush tool follows a similar process as the content aware fill by sampling around the target area but instead blending the pixels from the sampled area seamlessly with the target area or in other words the texture from the sample […]

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Being content aware (fill)

For this lesson we learnt about content aware on Photoshop and how to content aware fill to stretch an image. the content aware fill feature allows you to usually remove unwanted bit of an image by selecting the unwanted part and using the content aware fill feature it works by letting Photoshop analyse the contents of […]

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Action bird

For this task we learnt about actions in photoshop. an action is a series of steps that have been recorded by the user using photoshop. These sequences of steps can then be reapplied at any time, which allows you to recreate the end result without having to go through each individual step every time. Actions […]

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