Action bird

For this task we learnt about actions in photoshop. an action is a series of steps that have been recorded by the user using photoshop. These sequences of steps can then be reapplied at any time, which allows you to recreate the end result without having to go through each individual step every time.

Actions can be very useful for photo manipulation and we put this in action to create a low-poly bird. low poly is a mesh geometric polygon shapes placed side-by-side to create angular, often minimalist, compositions. The “poly” from low poly comes from the word “polygon, The use of low poly art comes from the earlier days of 3D animation. Creating 3D scenes using a low polygonal resolution helped to reduce render times, which greatly sped up the development process of video games and animated movies.

For the bird we used triangle we only recorded specific actions that would lower time.

We first made a grid for the image as it would help as a base for when drawing the triangles at the beginning. We didn’t start recording the action at this point
We had to changed the measurements of the grid and made the grid smaller since the triangles wouldn’t necessarily be that big.


this is where we started to record our action we first made a selection with the polygon tool then pressed record created a new layer, added an average blur, deselected the selection and then selected the background layer as it had created a new layer and stopped recording.
this is a close up of everything included into the action and we assigned to the f1 key meaning every time we mad a new selection(triangle) we just had to press f1 and it would conduct the action.

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-20-02-46screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-20-01-51Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 10.37.19.png


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