Being content aware (fill)

For this lesson we learnt about content aware on Photoshop and how to content aware fill to stretch an image. the content aware fill feature allows you to usually remove unwanted bit of an image by selecting the unwanted part and using the content aware fill feature it works by letting Photoshop analyse the contents of the image to figure out what the image would have looked like if the unwanted object or area had never been there. this is very similar to the spot healing brush but while the spot healing is better for smaller areas that you can easily click on the content-Aware Fill on the other hand, lets you repair or replace larger more complex areas simply by drawing selections around them and letting Photoshop do the rest.

this feature can also be used to almost scale an image as you can extend and image using the content aware fill tool like we did in class. we were asked to stretch an image of a beach without transforming it.

Step 1




To begin we placed the image on the photo shop page and created a new background layer but left an empty space to the left where we would fill later.


Step 2
Step 3



We then used the marque tool and selected that empty space and part of the image as well then went to edit>fill>selected content aware>fill photoshop then fill the empty space with what it felt should be filled with according the selected spaces that were filled and in a sense we were able to extend the photo.


Step 4


Step 5
Step 6






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