The developing stages(type)

After doing some research on typography i decided to recreate some fonts looking at components such as serifs and how the differ from font to font. T
o do this I used different pens and brush pens to create a pure black drawings. I chose to do this as I felt it help me increase my understanding on typography and allow me to practice hand drawn typography in case i decided i wanted to create hand drawn typography (i didn’t). I found this very useful for development purposes.

I then decided to create a collage just looking at different fonts ranging from sans serif fonts one with serif extremely cartoon fonts and more serious fonts. I chose to do this I thought it would be very useful for research purposes and i would be able to look at thetypographym for not only inspiration or choosing a font but also as reference on what would go well with title as every font has London written. i feel some of these fonts could  genuinely be used in my final poster.


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