Evaluation (poster assignment)

For this project we were asked to create a poster to promote the London festival of architecture 2017. We had a few restriction and guidelines to follow for this project, which were that the poster had to be A3, needed to include both the title “London festival of architecture”&”1st-30th June 2017” and include their logo. […]

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alternative final posters

These are my two well done poster that i made as an alternative to my final poster I used 2 different techniques for the left I had first rendered an image while for the one on the left I created all the images myself on photoshop and then put it together.

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Task 1 not so modernist

modernism For research that would help me come up with my poster design I decided to look at some traditionally printed Modernist Posters. I decided to look at Edward McKnight Kauffer’s Power, The Nerve Centre of London’s Underground made in 1931. Edward Kauffer was an American born artist known for his experimental and unorthodox graphic design and poster […]

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Life of Mario(HUDs)

  While looking at HUD’s we decided to look at Mario kart and how the HUD has changed throughout the year. Mario kart first came out in 1992 on the NES ( Nintendo entertainment system) and there has been 11 Mario kart games that have come out (with the 12th coming out next year).   The first Mario kart […]

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Creating a HUD (research)

For this lesson we started learning about HUD’s in video games which comes from the word heads up display. A HUD is a way in which you can visually relay information to the player as part of a game’s user interface. it can relay information such as: Health / lives Time Weapons/ammunition Capabilities Menus Game […]

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