Creating a HUD (research)

For this lesson we started learning about HUD’s in video games which comes from the word heads up display. A HUD is a way in which you can visually relay information to the player as part of a game’s user interface. it can relay information such as:

  • Health / lives
  • Time
  • Weapons/ammunition
  • Capabilities
  • Menus
  • Game progression
  • Context-sensitive information
  • Reticle / cursor / crosshair
  • Stealthometer
  • Compass / Quest Arrow

It is extremely useful in games as it usually gives the player active information they need while they play the game. i can sometimes include a lot of information at one go or even information that can be toggled such as you position on the leader board in a fps game. sometimes the HUD can have scarce information including the bare necessities or not even that but a HUD is very integral part of the game as it will give the player the information deemed needed.

For some initial research on HUD i gathered different images from multiple games of the HUD display looking at their differences such as the amount of information actively displayed depending on the type of game.






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