Life of Mario(HUDs)


While looking at HUD’s we decided to look at Mario kart and how the HUD has changed throughout the year. Mario kart first came out in 1992 on the NES ( Nintendo entertainment system) and there has been 11 Mario kart games that have come out (with the 12th coming out next year).


The first Mario kart game was super Mario kart this game came out in 1992 and it had a a very basic HUD. The HUD consisted of how long the into the race yosupermariokart-930x674u where with your laps next to it on the top right. Then it had how many coins you got along with your position in large. There wasn’t much to the HUD but it inspired future version of the game as many of the latter games that would come out the HUD wouldn’t stray to far. Most/all of it information was on the permanent HUD not a pull up or action HUD as you had to focus on driving it would be very inconvenient to have to pull up your HUD or wait for something to happen for you to receive information.


The next game to come out was the Mario kart 64 game which came out in 1997. It was this game timgreshat helped to shape what would become of the Mario kart interface and what information they would later include. For this game the nearly completely changed the positioning of all the information and also added a few new things to the HUD as well. First of some of the similarities was the timer they kept the timer in the same position


mariokartsupercircuitThe next game was Mario kart:super circuit this came out in 2001. This game had a very similar HUD to the previous game changing mainly the colour and font. They also added a new icon the top left showing how many coins a person has collected but for the most part they kept most of the position of the information the same.


The next game to come out was Mario Kart: Double Dash which came out on the game cube in 2003. Double Dash was the black sheep of the Mario Kart franchise. It featured a big gameplay change that never returned in any other sequelfull. Each kart actually supported two characters, and you could switch between them whenever you wanted. For the HUD it followed a similar formula to its predecessors but changed a few thing. It added a speedometer show how fast the player was going in my opinion adding a bit more enjoyment as you would now know how fast you were going the also moved some of the icon around but the information being relayed was mostly the same as other games.

After that came out Mario Kart Arcade GP in 2005 in arcades Like other arcade racers, players sit and use car-like pedals and a steering wheel. The arcade version also had a lot more items than the comario-kart-0445nsole counterparts, which usually only have a dozen or so weapons. For this game the HUD changed completely and strayed away from the previous formula. For this game they had removed the positions on the left and instead and they were instead on the on the care moving around actively with it. apart from that the information shown was relatively the same in different places for this game.


The next game to come out was the Mario Kart DS also in 2005 this game came out on the Nintendo DS. For this game the information was split between two screens there was not as much information or at least the information was not as clustered as the previous games making it easier to take in as you actively play. On the top screen they had a speedometer, how many laps, your position and the power you had all in different corners. The bottom screen had the character position on the left a timer on the right and their position on the map using little mini heads in the centre.



After that came of Mario kart Wii in 2008 on the Nintendo Wii. This game removed a few things from its HUD getting rid of the speedometer and position time table. They simplified the information showing whats necessary for there rest the kept it to the formula they usually follow.



Mario kart 7 came out in 2011 on the Nintendo 3DS. the information displayed on the HUD was the exact same as the previous game not changing anything.hudless-1024x576


After that Mario kart 8 came out in 2014 on the Wii U it seems to have completely changed its HUD from all the previous game simplifying the way certain information was displayed and removing a lot. They seem to have got rid of the map position time table and timer showing only how many coins you have and what lap you are on in the bottom left corner and then your position in the bottom right. this allows the player to solely focus on driving without having to much information in their face at one time.



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