Evaluation (poster assignment)

For this project we were asked to create a poster to promote the London festival of architecture 2017. We had a few restriction and guidelines to follow for this project, which were that the poster had to be A3, needed to include both the title “London festival of architecture”&”1st-30th June 2017” and include their logo.

For my final poster I decided to get inspiration from the typography illustration movement looking at different art and posters my main inspiration though was from an unnamed artist who had produced multiple works, which revolved around a black silhouette, overlaid with meaningful text to create the shape of the object they were advertising. He was my greatest influence for my final I also looked at other artist and work during my research and development stages one of my first influences was Oscar Niemeyer and his poster for the MAC DE NITEROI.

Throughout the project my ideas for my poster changed as I tested designs and colours also due to research and looking at other poster. At first I had intentions of doing something similar to Oscar Niemeyer poster using very flat colours and silhouette like objects. I had tried to create a draft poster inspired by him. I started to then look at typography illustration and that really captured me and changed my idea. Throughout the process of development I also started to add more information and create more abstract design. Which led to my 3 final posters.

I am personally happy with my final design that I achieved after a lot of trail and error and wouldn’t change anything in it. I felt that the first draft or initial stages the poster felt bare but as I developed the poster it reach a point I was satisfied with. I used Photoshop to create the poster which I believe was the best program for creating my poster which was based off typography illustration. When it came to colour I had a few change and issues and it was not I how I first envisioned it to be. during the development stages my building silhouette would’ve been black with white writing and one of the 6 colour option i had put in my sketchbook. when i came to do it digitally i realised that the colour scheme wasn’t working well it felt bare and lacklustre and so i kept trying different combination of colours until i created something i felt was suitable by looking at other artist who did similar work and what they chose.

I felt I didn’t have enough time to do everything i had planned but I believe this is due to poor time management and not using my time efficiently enough. I think to improve this I for next I would make sure too create a planner of what I would do and when it would have to be done by and I would also have to manage my personal time better by controlling how many hours I worked at my part time job and making sure I had enough time to do independent study.

I also made sure to get peer review on my work many said my initial design was bare but after developing and adding more that it was capturing due to its simplicity. It told the audience where to focus while also giving them a lot to look when there where focusing. In the though I believe that my design does work and that it fit the purpose of this project and I don’t think i needed to change anything in my poster.





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