Hope (who what where, how did we get right there)O.o

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This is the Google definition of what hope is.

Although I agree I see hope as something more, I believe hope to be an illusion that has no impact on the way life actually works but more on how we can perceive life. I have a negative view of hope, I see it as dangerous because if you build up someones hope and then it is crushed by reality it can destroy a person.

Although I think hope can also be coping mechanism for many people bringing them joy and something to look forward to or even the determination to do something no matter the cost. A good example of hope in media such as films is logan. Where it portrays the gritty cost of making hope a reality sometimes and the dark/light side of realising a your dream. The child had hope that by reaching the border she would be safe but the cost for that was heavy including the death of her biological father. Due to her perseverance through the struggle she is able to make here way to the border but we never find out if they make it or if it was really a safe haven she was hoping for.

Hope has can mean and present different things depending also on the perspective  its coming from for example if you look at hope from a religious point of view you see that “Hope” in the Holy Bible means “a strong and confident expectation” of future reward. The apostle Paul argued that hope was a source of salvation for Christians: “For in hope we have been saved…if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it”. while Aristotle one of the most famous philosopher to have lived said “Hope is the dream of a waking man.” To hope for something is to desire that thing, and to believe wether you right or wrong that the probability of it happening, though less than one, is greater than nothing. If the probability of it happening is one or very close to one, it is not a hope but an expectation; if it is nothing it is a fantasy; and if it is very close to nought it is a wish. The borderline between a hope and a wish is nearly non-existent and more a question of emphasis than anything else. One opposite of hope is fear, which is the desire for something not to happen combined with an anticipation of it happening. Inherent in every hope is a fear, and in every fear a hope.




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