Hope Mistreatment

“You can” treatment The name of my project is called “You Can” it is a short animation that is going to be around 45-90 seconds long. The potential audience for this animation Is all ages but my main target would be between 5-18 per the guidelines of the competition and also as the issues this […]

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Evaluation (HUD)

For this project I was asked to design the interface elements for a new console based racing game. The game would involve 3 teams using electric concept cars to promote new technology and sustainability. We had some design element we had to include which was track maps / speedometer / start lights / placing / […]

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Laws and that

While doing research I also had to research patent copyright etc. Which all come under intellectual property laws along with other legal subjects. Intellectual property law is a law which gives people protection and prevent their work from being stolen and if stolen it works in a way that the person who stole it is not legally […]

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What makes up a HUD

When it comes to HUDs in games there are 3 types of HUDs first is a permanent HUD that is the information constantly displayed on screen in a game it would be the timer or speedometer. after that comes the pull up HUD this is information a player can bring up usually at anytime but isn’t constantly […]

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Dashboard research

A dashboard is a control panel located in front of the driver of a vehicle. it gives the driver information on how fast the are going how much gas the have let and other miscellaneous information that the driver requires. below is a mood board of multiple real life dashboard with a few from different […]

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Driving through history

While doing research for my HUD I decided to look at some popular defining driving games on different console platforms looking at how they develop and come up with ideas for different components of their games. I first decided to look at Forza Motorsport 4 which came out on the Xbox 360. this game and the fourth […]

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