Driving through history

While doing research for my HUD I decided to look at some popular defining driving games on different console platforms looking at how they develop and come up with ideas for different components of their games. I first decided to look at Forza Motorsport 4 which came out on the Xbox 360. this game and the fourth in the Forza Motorsport series. Forza games are racing simulations; heavy emphasis is placed on making the cars drive and look as realistic as possible. for the track they used real world places and turned them into close circuit track in the game they used 17 real world tracks i think the benefits to this is that it increases a players Immersion into the game as you know where you are playing is a really place you could drive through but also because you are driving through places at such speed you would never be able to in real life sometimes. if the tracks where based somewhere the player lives this allows you to enjoy the track even more. they also created their own tracks also making sure it that they where realistic tracks to fit into the type of game they were trying to create.

When it came to sounds they also used a lot of real world sounds and references. A Tesla Roadster was used to record the game’s tire sounds. The developers chose the Tesla due to its near-silent electric motor which allowed them to record the sounds cleanly without engine or exhaust noise. Two microphones were mounted to the car and pointed at the tire for recording. and for music they got a composer to create 15 songs for the user interface and in game racing.

When it comes to the HUD they tend to display the bare minimum information on their permanent HUD in the case of forza Motorsport 4 the only showed the timer, position, speedometer, a map that only shows the recent and upcoming part of the track and the lap count. this allowed the player to not loose focus and immersion while playing but still get the necessary information they need.forzamotorsport4_258525












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