Dashboard research

A dashboard is a control panel located in front of the driver of a vehicle. it gives the driver information on how fast the are going how much gas the have let and other miscellaneous information that the driver requires. below is a mood board of multiple real life dashboard with a few from different driving games as welldashboard moodboard.jpg.

below is a Moodboard of different important dashboard icons and symbols that let the driver know when their is an issue with the vehicle or for example is someone doesn’t have their seatbelt on. It is a requirement that all cars have theses icons functioning because if an accident was to occur due to a unresolved issue with an engine for example, which could of been avoided if the check engine light worked allowing the driver to recognise there is an issue then there could be serious legal repercussions due to that such as large fines, loss of license and prison time.

Symbol mood board.jpg


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