Evaluation (HUD)

For this project I was asked to design the interface elements for a new console based racing game. The game would involve 3 teams using electric concept cars to promote new technology and sustainability. We had some design element we had to include which was track maps / speedometer / start lights / placing / lap / checkpoints / fuel gauge once I included this I had the freedom to add anything else if I felt the need to.

While creating my HUD I didn’t really take a lot of inspiration from anywhere as most driving game interfaces tent to be quite scarce with not a lot of information but I would say I was inspired a bit by the Mario kart franchise along with Forza motorsports. I would say that my design was a fusion of both previously mentioned games with a hint of need for speed. I although I had already set ideas on my hud and team logos my ideas did change/develop a little through time. I came up with multiple alternate design which in the end i didn’t use but they helped me come u with a final design.

I am personally happy with my final design for the game that I achieved after a lot of trail and error and wouldn’t change much. the only thing i would change is make how much visible information i would show on the hud at one time. I used Photoshop to create the poster which I believe was the best program for creating my HUD as it has a broad spectrums of function and covers more functions than other programs such as illustrator which would only be useful for creating my logo and vector shapes.

When creating my HUD I had a difficult time making a decision on  colour scheme I attempted multiple different combination of colours. I decided for a monochromatic colour scheme of different shades of black to white also decreasing the opacity so that it blends well with the photorealistic looks. I feel compared to a professional game there was a lot more information on my hud than your average realistic driving game. For typography I downloaded a font from online for my timer laps and position then brought it together and edited on photoshop. i went a bit more creative with my hud when creating my speedometer i decided to have 6 bars (one for each car) which would be different lengths in correlation to how fast each car was going: Although it position would have no correlation to their actual position. For that their position would temporarily appear then fade out every time they pass an opponent and if you were ahead you would not know the position of those behind you.

When It comes to working safely in my studio I made sure not be in front of the computer screen for longer than an hour without taking a break as it could potentially cause serious vision/eyesight issues.

When it comes to how long it took to complete this project creating the HUD itself wasn’t as time consuming but the development and research took a lot of time to complete. I also feel I didn’t use my time as efficiently as I could have and that if I did it would have taken less time. To use my time more efficiently I would’ve made sure to follow my planner more closely making sure I met my own personal deadlines and also managing my outside life with my college life.

When asking my peers many said that they think that it would be easy to know the information you were meant to know as it was all there. Although some said it felt a little clustered and that having a lot of information was distracting.

In conclusion I feel as if my hud works and meets its purpose and requirement. I would not add many changes to the hud itself although I would definitely change I how I approached and completed this project as a whole and will make sure to definitely put in practise these changes in my next project.hud in progress


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