Hope Mistreatment

“You can” treatment

The name of my project is called “You Can” it is a short animation that is going to be around 45-90 seconds long. The potential audience for this animation Is all ages but my main target would be between 5-18 per the guidelines of the competition and also as the issues this animation tackles is childish in theme while also carrying very slight mature philosophical references or undertones. I also researched the BBFC (British board of film classification) guidelines as my animation had to be universal or PG. This meant it had to be suitable for the general audience.

The main plot of this story is about a boy with questions that meets a magic ball. The beginning starts with the ball coming down (not specified if it’s the first time). The boy ask to see a dragon so the ball takes him to see a dragon, he then asked to fly so the ball lets him fly and while flying he asks to see what’s beyond the sky and so the all shows him the universe. While there he asks the magic ball “what is peace” the ball shows him a coffin so he then goes onto rephrase and asks to see “a peaceful world” the ball shows him a world without humans. At this point the boy then decides to ask the ball to “save the world” the ball then responds showing that although it can do a lot it cannot do that so then the boy goes on to ask his last question which is “who can” and the balls shows a reflection of the boy himself saying “you can” ending there.

The main and only character is a tan-skinned, 8 year old boy of mixed heritage. He has lived on the street with his mother in a trash yard his whole life and never known anything else this led him to have a very wild imagination that is almost equivalent to real life for him to cope with the situation. He also has a lot of questions about life and wants to know the truth.

I am doing a hand drawn 2D animation all the setting will be hand draw and when it comes to things like camera movement I will need to draw in a way that it makes it look like there’s a camera moving. Although I am doing hand drawn animation I still want to add dynamic camera movement and other interesting visual elements. When it comes to the audio for the most part I want to have a sound track that will play in certain scenes and then add sounds I went out to records like footsteps and background sound effects (aka Foley). I want to add a soundtrack as it will add atmosphere to some scenes and amplify the emotions I want to display. And adding Foley effect will create a realistic atmosphere almost.

I chose this idea as I wanted to create a somewhat simple story but with a mature undertone and underling hidden message. I feel that the message and hidden little tones are the strongest thing the story has to offer. Right now I have experience with creating 2d animation on Photoshop and drawing is one of my strong points but I will have to learn how to use premiere pro for when I’m putting my scenes together and creating small effects. I will also need to learn how to create some 3d camera effects when animating in 2D.

When it comes to research I have studied and aim to study different animation and specific scenes along with techniques. I have also gone around asking my peers on the opinion of my story.

To complete my project I will need a graphics tablet, a pc with Photoshop after effects and premier. I will also be using a sketchbook for creating my storyboard along with pencil and other art materials. I am likely to encounter a few issues especially time material and manpower constraints as my idea are quite ambitious for one person animating without a team. I also have to consider legal considerations especially when it comes to choosing sound I have to make sure all my sound if not crated by me is copyright free or that I have permission to use it.

If this was a live brief some of the potential costs would be things such as art material multiple sketchbooks a studio in which I could work in with a fast running pc. I would also need to be aware of licence to use music.

I feel this project will take me approximately 2-4 weeks if I keep to my daily schedule and most things go according to plan.


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