2d anime production (Akira)

  When it comes to 2d animation production process no matter where it’s from or if it’s a movie or TV series they tend to follow a similar structure. For 2d animation the process is normally split into 3 parts pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production The first part the pre-production on of the most important […]

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Animating a timeline

Animation has been a big part of storytelling dating back centuries. Archaeological artefacts prove that we’ve been attempting to depict things in motion as long as we’ve been able to draw. There are some notable examples from ancient times as early as 30,000 B.C. shahr-e sukhteh bronze-age pottery bowl which depicts goats leaping in a frame […]

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bouncing ball

Ihis is my ball animation based on the 12 principles of animation. I had an issue when uploading which I wasn’t able to solve which was the background suddenly changed black instead of white.

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sketch book development

    When first trying to develop my ideas I looked at many stories that incorporated hope in different ways from a negative to a positive light and thought about how I could approach the concept of hope. A lot of my ideas were influenced from some Japanese manga such as ” the promised never […]

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Evaluation stop motion

After completing my 2d assignment I had to create a short 5-second stop motion animation based on a letter of the alphabet that was assigned to me. It could be any type of animation as long as it was stop motion. I first just thought of random ideas that were associated with my assigned letter […]

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Evaluation (2D)

  For this project I was to create an animation up to 90 seconds long for a short film and animation competition conducted by the production company Elstree film design. The animation had to revolve around the theme of hope, had to be produced using industry standard procedures and techniques. It also had to include […]

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Visualisation of hope

Hope is a very popular theme in many forms of media it can uplift a person and send a positive message many people use this theme in hopes of leaving a mark in the world I decided to first look at one of Banksy art work called balloon girl. In this piece hope is conveyed […]

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