Visualisation of hope

Hope is a very popular theme in many forms of media it can uplift a person and send a positive message many people use this theme in hopes of leaving a mark in the world I decided to first look at one of Banksy art work called balloon girl.

Screen-Shot-2016-01-08-at-09.17.13In this piece hope is conveyed clearly through the words “there is always hope” written but I think the message of hope that he is trying to communicate is a little bit more subtle the idea not being have hope but in this case make sure to instil hope in others because if there is at least one person still love and shares that love there will be always be hope for the world even in its darkest blank times.

He communicates this subtle with the little girl sharing a balloon; hope being represented by not just one thing but the whole gesture and situation. The balloon can be seen as love and the girl there alone out of her own will is sharing it with the world there is no one guiding her just her human nature. And with the quote he is able to communicate the message above. He uses stark contrasting colours to define only the most important bits that relay the message. He has a good sense of space and uses the space and the imperfection of the wall to amplify and add to his stencil art it gives the art a sense of atmosphere and setting even though its not actually set anywhere. Also everything so dirty and grey with only the balloon being bright red standing out and guiding our eyes to the most important information in this piece first.

I then decided to look at film and how they attempt communicate the idea of hope and I decided to look at the film finding Nemo which presents its theme of hope and not giving up in a much more open manner. In finding Nemo hope is Finding_Nemoused to further the plot after Nemo, a baby clown fish disappears the a father spends the whole movie never giving up trying to find his son. He always hoping he will be able to find his son and at the end of the movie due to never giving up and surpassing all obstacles he is reunited with his son because of his hope. The idea of hope here is different to Banksy as here the movie is trying to tell its audience to never give up and that with hope and determination you can achieve whatever but it goes around portraying this message using a dark plot of father losing his son and because of its real world parallel audience of all ages are able to relate to the story and appreciating its message.




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