Evaluation stop motion

After completing my 2d assignment I had to create a short 5-second stop motion animation based on a letter of the alphabet that was assigned to me. It could be any type of animation as long as it was stop motion.

I first just thought of random ideas that were associated with my assigned letter I later done some research on different types of stop motion animations. I chose to go with a white board animation as it was something I have always had interest in and I felt played into my strengths as an artist I the went onto form and idea for my stop motion and created my story board. After that it was just a matter of taking enough pictures to create my animation.

While creating my animation I encountered an issue with my tripod and the white board was dirty so I had to find a way to level the tripod so it wouldn’t move or else the camera would wobble every time I take a picture. I used a white board cleaner to clean the white board then two pens a Nikon camera with a manual lenses. While creating my stop motion I changed my idea a little bit as something else had come to mind and because of that my final animation was a little different to what I had originally planned on my storyboard. I made sure to take to pictures for each frame because it would double the amount of frames I had and allowed me to delete one if I had made a mistake with the first picture that I took, which did.

I also then encountered a problem when importing the pictures to premiere as I had deleted some frames so when I imported the pictures as an image sequence premiere would encounter and error when reaching that frame. To solve this I chose to use Adobe Bridge and renamed all my pictures so that there wasn’t a missing number witching the image naming. I chose to do this, as it would save a lot of time instead of me going and individually changing every frames number so that it was continuous. I then imported it again into premiere made sure it ran smoothly then exported is as an mp4 file.

I felt that this part of the project didn’t take long at all and I had no other issues apart from those preciously mentioned, which I managed to solve. If I could go back and change anything I wouldn’t as I think my animation fits it purpose and I am happy with the end result.



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