sketch book development



When first trying to develop my ideas I looked at many stories that incorporated hope in different ways from a negative to a positive light and thought about how I could approach the concept of hope. A lot of my ideas were influenced from some Japanese manga such as ” the promised never land” where I took small concept from the large over arching story flesh it out and develop my own concept.

I then started developing ideas for my animation. I first created a mind map on different ideas and concepts of hope such as ‘inspiring hope’ & ‘the cost of hope’ things that could be associated with hope whether positive or negative. This allowed developing different ideas not all necessarily viable for this specific assignment. I then took some concepts of hope that interested me the most and attempted to develop ideas revolved around them. I picked concepts such as ‘giving hope’ & ‘destroying hope’ but I then realised I had to consider the restrictions and requirement such as the age rating and the audience and couldn’t develop further my less positive ideas. I created six completely different ideas. I then went on to develop my 5th and 6th idea I even created some storyboard like sketches. I then decided to go with my 6th idea.

I then started to develop my designs. I first created a first attempt at character designs and started sketching out potential backgrounds. I then started to develop my character design more creating a character profile of him expressing different emotions. I started to develop clothing for my character I used many real world references when designing different clothing that my character could potentially use all mainly revolving around rough ripped or dirty clothes.  After I finalised my character design attempted to develop more background ideas. I created some concept art based of my previous sketches I had created adding more detail and depth to the background.

After this I created my storyboard for the story looking at camera turns and key scenes of the animation planning out how everything will go. I felt something’s were off with my story board so then I decided to change things here and there with the story board and how I told my story as I wasn’t satisfied before going onto creating my final story board with detailed descriptions of what would happen in each scene.

I looked at different hair design and then after choosing a design different hair, eyes and clothing colours my character could use. I attempted many different colours and colour combinations but my chosen colours didn’t stray to far from what I originally planned and I tested others out.



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