Animation full Script

Scene 1 INT. INSIDE HOUSE UNDER THE FLOOR MIDDAY Mum hiding son under the floor dark room as a piece of floor covers the remaining light. Mum (looking down) Remember I love you so much. son (looking up) I love you too mum you know the drill wait till its time son *nods back at […]

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Telling a Story in 5 minutes

For my animation i am telling a story in 5 minute which is something I’m not used to this I decided to online and research different ways you can tell a story in 5 minutes I looked at some short animations made by either indies or large company and studied how they manage to tell […]

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sketchbook 3d animation

I created initial sketches of my character which I will go on to create in adobe fuse he is meant to be a middle aged built black man I also mapped out my obstacle course and his position within it how I want him to move and react at different stages.

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