Telling a Strory in 5 minutes

For my animation i am telling a story in 5 minute which is something I’m not used to this I decided to online and research different ways you can tell a story in 5 minutes I looked at some short animations made by either indies or large company and studied how they manage to tell […]

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sketchbook 3d animation

I created initial sketches of my character which I will go on to create in adobe fuse he is meant to be a middle aged built black man I also mapped out my obstacle course and his position within it how I want him to move and react at different stages.

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My game treatment

Are you ready?   For this project I am creating a side-scroller game it will be story-centric stealth/shooter-platform game.   Plot synopsis The story is about a boy who gets a super power unexplained and decides that with this power he is going to change the world… but now he doesn’t know where to start. […]

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Graphics design    Element of design   Graphic design Line Strokes that show motion and connect two points. May be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, curved, straight, zigzag, or show emotion.   Form Shows an object in space the mass or positive space it occupies. The term usually used when describing the 3d object. Space What […]

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A main character/anti-hero study

A main character which can be seen as the same thing as a protagonist in its essence the character a story mainly revolves around thats about it. this can sometimes be different to a hero because the hero is usually the main character but in this case this is the character who you hope to see […]

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Family app

for this lesson we were put into groups and asked to research family apps. we examined its uses its design why its used how its displayed and more. Who uses family apps Most of the target audience for family apps are parents with children, particularly new parents with young children. Family apps can also be […]

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  This is the menu bar which allows you to access the tools and windows of Maya along with saving your work etc.   Topology   When it comes to 3d modelling the 3 main things you are dealing with when it comes to polygonal modelling which are edges, faces and vertices/vertex. in 3d we […]

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